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Rise music international is a one-stop shop providing all necessary professional services for a label and or artist from beginning to the end of the release process.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or signed act, we work with you to set a tailored release strategy to effectively bring your music to market.

Project management

RISE will effectively manage the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific set goals which will be pre-mutually agreed between you and RISE to ensure the best possible outcome at the most competitive price has been achieved within set time frames for your music releases.

Recording & Production Services

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RISE have long-term relationships and contacts with world-class production teams and recording studios.  It’s all about the song. This is why, should your music project need the attention and services of World Class music producers and engineers, our contacts will be at your disposal as and when needed. Each individual artist and or music project deserves the highest attention with regards to quality. This is why we insist on achieving best results with regards to the final mixes suitable for commercial release. Depending on the needs of the music project, this can include top quality production, songwriting, mixing, mastering and re-mixing.  

Music Video & Photography

RISE have established long term relationships with A class photographers and video producers who have worked on world class acts including but not limited to “The Strokes”, “Coldplay”, “Manic Street Preachers”, “Muse” and “Madness” to name just a few.



Music video: The Jacques, The Duke Spirit, FURS, The Rifles, Plump DJs, Bright Young People, David McAlmont, Kids On Bridges and Killaflaw.


Photography clients include Jagermeister, Artrocker Magazine, Farah Vintage Clothing, Penguin Clothes, Fly 53 and Burberry. 

Marketing Campaign – Planning

RISE will create and effectively fully manage efficient commercial release plans for artists/band’s music project, catering for both established and emerging acts. Our professional team will re-view bands songs and do a SWOT analysis. Once decided on marketing strategy, we draw up a marketing plan to set out how we plan to execute and evaluate the success of that strategy. We will also help select an appropriate promotional team for your release ensuring we negotiate the best terms and conditions for you.  Depending on the project, this will include PR, National and regional radio promotion, TV; online and print ensuring the marketing campaign is appropriate for your need.

Social Media Management

RISE will monitor and contribute to artist/band’s social media platforms ensuring that filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation. This will be managed through A2Z’s relevant professional social media team that have extensive experience in social music management and will ensure they give your music release the best possible promotional platform including strategizing the multi faceted marketing role.

PR, Press & Radio Plugging (regional and national)

RISE have established a strong network of professional PR, Press, radio pluggers and music promoters with an excellent track record of reaching targets and helping achieve chart positioning. This in turn, gives your music the best possible chance of effectively reaching your target audience on physical and digital press, regional & national radio and TV. We also have a strong relationship with Club DJ promotion 


We believe in establishing rich and long-term relationship with our artists. This is why it is important for RISE to only work on projects we feel we can achieve best possible results and are selective on the artists we take on. 

Digital Distribution

RISE’s expert team collect, manage and directly deliver your releases to all the key digital platforms including but not limited to:

  • i-Tunes,

  • YouTube

  • Spotify,

  • Deezer,

  • Beats and many more.


Our professional attention to detail in relation to what is distributed to the key platforms is part of the essential marketing strategy ensuring we achieve schedules and targets within set time frames. This also allows for adapting to change and or seizing opportunities as and when these arise. A2Z clients are also updated daily with digital sales & or streaming feeds from relevant platforms. 


RISE will manage your manufacturing requirements effectively and efficiently. This will include our team advising and managing your projects needs in relation to control and overseeing supply chain and appropriate stock levels ensuring you a fast turnaround at a competitive price.

Music Publishing

RISE can help provide publishing facilities needed for all relevant releases including managing the metadata ensuring all releases maximize potential royalty revenue generated. We work releases early to find mutual placement opportunities and have a strong track record procuring music across advertising, TV shows, films and trailers.

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